Hello friends,<BR><BR> I want to run a file(asp page) daily at 12:30 PM and 06:00 PM automatically. I tried scheduled tasks. But it is able to run only programs(.exe)<BR><BR>But my file is in this path \serverdfbproductionattendanceattrep.asp<BR><BR>Ho w can i do this. I think we can do using wSH, but i am not sure how to write using this. Can u suggest me to schedule that task?<BR><BR>And, i have scanner(swiping card) to record the attendance. This is stored in seperate database given by vendor. We can export this data to access 97 database format. But my application uses access 2000 format. So, i need to retrieve data from 97DB and insert in my DB. My database is in virtual folder and exported db is in physical path. How can i do this task automatically(w/o manual interaction) at regular intervals(daily ... at the above times).<BR><BR>Thanx in advance.