Connect to sql server without using a connection??

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Thread: Connect to sql server without using a connection??

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    Default Connect to sql server without using a connection??

    Hi All,<BR><BR>I got a server connection problem. Trying to insert/update<BR>a record. The thing is my server is in an internet environment.<BR><BR>Its not connected to my LAN i think because I can&#039;t even add it to my enterprise manager.<BR><BR>My boss suggest posting a request to an asp page (because my program is actually a VB program) using XMLHTTP but even that requires a conn string to connect.<BR><BR>I always get a &#039;SQL does not exist or access denied&#039; error..<BR>Is there any other way of conencting to the server? Is it because<BR>its in an internet environment? <BR><BR>ALready used the IP address but sitl unsuccessful...<BR><BR>PLs advise thks.

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    Default Nope. Period.

    If the IP address didn&#039;t work, then I would have to guess that the owner of the DB does not *WANT* anybody to access it across the internet. (Actually, that&#039;s the default security setting, I believe. The owner would have to purposely "open it up" to allow you access. And since that&#039;s a *BIG* security risk one can see why the owner might not want to do that.)<BR><BR>XMLHTTP only works if the DB owner *also* has a Web Service running that provides some sort of throttled access to the data. It will never get you a direct connection to the DB.<BR><BR>The fact that you can&#039;t connect to it with EM is a good sign that this isn&#039;t going to work.<BR><BR>

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