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    How come some times when I try to post, I get the message - "You must enter a name", but when you go back, there&#039;s no where to enter it? Does this mean I&#039;m not properly logged in? If so, maybe it should direct me to a login page since it&#039;s not immediately obvious where to do that...<BR><BR>I love the site,<BR>Mike

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    Default It's a problem with Session variables...

    ...some of the pages don&#039;t follow Scott&#039;s advice, and when you get a session timeout, things don&#039;t always work right.<BR><BR>Generally, when something like that happens to me, I (a) hit the BACK button, (b) capture all the text I just typed in, (c) close the browser window(s), (d) open a new browser window and navigate back to the page, and (e) submit again and paste all that text in.<BR><BR>And then you just have to *HOPE* that when you hit the BACK button your input is still there. If you get paranoid enough, like me, you learn to hit CTRL-A CTRL-C every time before you hit the POST button.<BR>

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