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    Hi,<BR>I am a total newbie to ASP.NET. We are starting to try and incorporate some ASP.NET into our asp app. On most of our pages we are using a free dynamic js menu script to create navigational menus. This is one of the scripts where you define the elements of the menu in a script tag, and you have a .css file for the menu. To display the menu you include the &lt;script language="javascript" src="menuscript.js"&gt;&lt/script&gt; line where you want the menu to appear. I tried adding this code to the .aspx file, and the menu is not displayed. Using View/Source the code looks correct. Is this something fundamental with the way works, or is it possible to use this style of menu with I would appreciate any feedback.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Shawn

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    It has nothing to do with .NET! You are using client-side JavaScript.

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