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    My Sql is working -- if i search using the UPPERCASE data like "RP", or "NS" (data is like this in the Table) but it should work if user enters like "Rp" (Capitol "R" and Small "p") or it has to work if both are in lower case "rp"... <BR><BR>If i enter "rp"(lower case) its not working - Please help me to do the search using Upper/Lower case...<BR><BR><BR>-----------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR>gstrSQL = "SELECT ENROLL_REP, GENDER From LIFERACEP WHERE ENROLL_REP LIKE &#039;" & ENROLL_REP & "%&#039; "<BR>----------------------------------------------------------

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    I don&#039;t know why your db is set up for sensitivity, but instead of getting a headache about it, just ucase it.<BR><BR>LIKE &#039;" & UCase(ENROLL_REP) & "%&#039;"

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