Hi, if you're familiar with the aspSmartUpload component I hope you can help me. I've been using this component to upload files onto our server for a while now and it's been working fine. Until today the admin. told me that he's been getting error messages in the Event Viewer (on our WinNT Server). The error tells the exact line # where the error occurs "Line 28 Unexpected error. The function returned &#124". I looked at line 28 and it's where it calls the actual upload "mySmartUpload.Upload". Besides this I have no idea what causes the error. I'm not sure if the customer got the same error message or even if they get any error on their browser. Is it something that has to do with the file being uploaded, file name, file size, etc??? But it can't be one of these because I tried to upload a file that's over the size limit and we didn't get the error mesg in the Event Viewer. For the filename extension I already have a javascript function that alerts if an invalid file is being sent throush so I really have no idea... Can someone help me out? Thanks.