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    Hello,<BR><BR> I am designing payroll application using MSAccess database. The attendance is recorded thru the scanning system.(Magnetic cards). We have 150 workers. Each worker will scan 4 times a day(IN ..LUNCH..IN..OUT) If its so, i will have 15500 records per month. In payroll generation i am counting only the number of days the worker worked in specific month and year. <BR>My question is, how many records a table in access can store? Is it be a problem if records are more(for payslip generation and calculation)? I dont want to delete old records. If i want i have to generate payslip for any month(past months).<BR><BR>If its a problem, how can i solve this.<BR><BR>Thanx in advance

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    Default The only real limitation... that an Access DB cannot exceed 2GB in size.<BR><BR>There isn&#039;t any specified limit on the number of records in a table.<BR><BR>You know, you could have found this out for yourself by simply typing in "specications" to the SEARCH in Access HELP.<BR><BR>You might want to consider a different database, though, for reasons other than capacity.<BR><BR>

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