I have two ActiveX DLL components. One (DBCon) is a database connectivity layer component that has methods for checking the login, returning an ADO connection, etc. The second one (BLComp) is a business logic component that has a method BuildNamesList. This method instantiates DBCon component (Set DBCon = New DBCon.clsDBCon), calls GetConnection on DBCon, uses the connection to run a database query, and returns results.<BR><BR>This works fine when I call BuildNamesList from a VB test client. However, it does not work from an ASP page.<BR><BR>Also, if I don&#039t use the DBCon component but establish connection directly from BLComp, everything works fine.<BR><BR>It seems like it is not possible to use nested components in ASP pages. I wonder if anybody had experienced this problem before and knows a solution.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot,<BR><BR>Leon<BR>