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    TierDeveloper lets you map your .NET business components against your relational databases, embed complex SQL in them along with your business rules, and generates truly object oriented .NET components in C# and VB.NET. Use these components in COM+ or stand-alone environments and in ASP.NET or Windows Forms applications. Develop applications in matter of hours and days instead of weeks and months.<BR><BR>Free 30 days trial available at: <BR> <BR><BR>Some of the main features in Version 4.0 are:<BR><BR>a. Improved object-to-relational mapping<BR>- Many-to-many relationships<BR>- NULL value handling<BR>- Required field handling<BR>- Improved design pattern for objects<BR>- Much more …<BR><BR>b. Customizable ASP.NET application generation<BR>- Customize layout of forms<BR>- Use combo-box fields for lookup values<BR>- Change field sizes, location, labels, etc.<BR>- Keep all layout info in XML file, which you can also edit manually.<BR><BR>c. Customizable Windows Forms application generation.<BR><BR>Related Links<BR>-------------------------------------------------------------<BR> Online Demos<BR> AlachiSoft website<BR>

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