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    Default Sorting Problem in MS-Access

    When I sort the text field having values like 1.0,1.1.2,2.2,20,3,10 is sorted like this 1.0,1.1,10,2,2.2,20,3<BR>. I do not want to change the field type as it may contain values like P01, PPP, PP1 etc.,<BR><BR>Any valuable work around would be appreciated.<BR><BR>TIA<BR>RAJ.

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    Default There's no problem

    Those values are being sorted alphanumerically.<BR><BR>As it&#039;s a text field, that&#039;s per design.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Can get fancy, though.

    SELECT * FROM Table<BR>ORDER BY<BR> Int(IIF(IsNumeric(Field), Field, 9999999)),<BR> IIF(IsNumeric(Field), "", Field)<BR><BR>I think.

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