know idea why this is happening....<BR><BR>My site was working fine, and all queries were going through, until a few minutes ago, now I cant query over a certain number of records, I tried to search on my database that outputted 9 records, no problem at all... but when I do a search that I know will output more than that, it hangs........<BR><BR>I dont know if it has any connection with what I did, I ran this Query:<BR><BR>DELETE FROM Vehicles WHERE Dealer = &#039;Test Dealer&#039;<BR><BR>I was deleting all records under my test dealer, this SHOULD not be the problem, but that was the last thing I did, and the DB is screwed up, I dont know if it is a problem on the Hosting Side or not....?<BR><BR>Please help me figure this out, it is extremly important (this is my business)<BR><BR>:(