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    Here is the layout of the issue i am facing. I have a table with records of the several comppnies. In this table there is one feild called company_balance.<BR><BR>In one of the asp pages i have a link which will download a file to the users system.<BR>Once the file gets download, i want to deduct some money from the company balance.<BR><BR>The main issue that i am facing is how to figure out through code that the download on the clients machine has completed.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards<BR>

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    Default Probably can't be solved...

    ...without using a component on the CLIENT machine. HTTP does *NOT* guarantee that information will be received. Network problems can easily cause the info that was sent from the server to simply be lost in space.<BR><BR>Oh, you can get 95% reliability or better, but you will still get clients who get charged for content and who then yell at you because they didn&#039;t get it.<BR><BR>

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