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    I have a Html page whichi will have some around 70 hyperlinks. I want to delete the hyperlinks (Not just the Underline)<BR><BR>&#060;A href="test.asp"&#062;TEST&#060;/a&#062;<BR><BR>In this case i just want to delete the "&#060;A href="test.asp"&#062;" and "&#060;/a&#062;" parts only and want to keep the "TEST"... <BR><BR>I do not want to do this individually one by one...<BR>Is there any way that i can delete all the links once? Please hlep me <BR>OR<BR>do i need to delete one-by-one (70 links)

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    Default Well

    the &#060;/a&#062; you can just replace with a ""<BR><BR>as for the rest since the page name will be diff you can do a simple repleace....maybe a regexp<BR><BR>

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    Default Is this really in ASP, or are you talking...

    ...about replacing them in your development environment? If it&#039;s ASP, then a regular expression is your best bet. If not, then a regular expression replace is your best bet - if you see what I mean.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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