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    the error come as<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (0x80040E14)<BR>Incorrect syntax near the keyword &#039;FROM&#039;.<BR>/fsearch/UpdateTable.asp, line 59<BR><BR>my syntax is correct . so can anyone help me spot the error out . <BR><BR>Dim fs,f, ts, oConn, filepath, sql, oRs, field<BR> Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject ")<BR> Set filePath = Request.form("Browse")<BR> set f =fs.GetFile(filePath) <BR> set ts = f.OpenAsTextStream(1,-2)<BR> sql = "SELECT " & Request("chkbox") &" FROM sDetail" <BR> set oConn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> set oRs=server.createObject("ADODB.recordset")<BR> oConn.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=fSearch;Data Source=L311C04"<BR> sql, "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=fSearch;Data Source=L311C04" &#039;line 59<BR> <BR>thanks

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    Default basic debugging tricks #1

    Dim fs,f, ts, oConn, filepath, sql, oRs, field<BR>Set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject ")<BR>Set filePath = Request.form("Browse")<BR>set f =fs.GetFile(filePath)<BR>set ts = f.OpenAsTextStream(1,-2)<BR>sql = "SELECT " & Request("chkbox") &" FROM sDetail"<BR>set oConn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>s et oRs=server.createObject("ADODB.recordset")<BR>oCon n.Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=fSearch;Data Source=L311C04"<BR>Response.Write sql<BR> sql, oConn &#039;line 59

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