For the program I am building, I need to create a file from in a folder on another computer on the network. When I try to do it from my own computer to a folder on my own computer, it works fine, but when I try to do it on a folder on another computer, I get a login failed message.<BR><BR>All the resources I&#039;ve found for this say that I have to give permissions to the machinename/aspnet account on the destination folder. When I go to the security tab for that folder, though, it doesn&#039;t recognize that user. I can find the computer and give the computer permissions, but that doesn&#039;t do it and I can&#039;t find any options to make the apsnet user on that user public or anything.<BR><BR>How do I get the network folder to recognize the aspnet user from another computer on the network so that I can give permissions to that account?