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    I am using IE.navigate2 mrthod to post the content. in That content I have & as a Value. Hhen I send the HTTP POST, I Convert in Binaty Array. <BR><BR>The method looks like follwing <BR>ie.Navigate2 strURL, vFlags, vTarget, vPostdata, postHeader<BR><BR>where VPostdata is the binary array of the PayLoad <BR>Name="abc & Co"<BR><BR>If I have only Name = "abc Co" and try to conver in binary array and send it visa navigate2 it works fine but if I put & in between then the http post doen&#039;t go as it should <BR><BR>Please help<BR>

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    Default Server.UrlEncode() the value.

    [code language="VBScript"]<BR>Name = Server.UrlEncode("abc & Co")<BR>[/code]<BR>

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