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    I&#039;m building a class roster.<BR>Based on the class ID I select:<BR>A) users enrolled and I print out user names<BR>B) check for class type (attend/pass/paid/etc) and print out a check box for each type.<BR>The teacher can then select what the user has done i.e. attend and save the roster.<BR>I have this built in asp, but I dont have paging. Instead of trying to add paging to asp. I&#039;m trying to rebuild in using the datagrid.<BR>How do I select the class types (attend/pass/etc.) and turn them into check boxes in the datagrid.<BR>Also, when a teacher returns to the roster, if I select attend/pass/ etc. they should be already be checked.<BR>Any help, hints, source pages would be GREAT. <BR>Have a GREAT day.<BR><BR><BR><BR>, I print out all student names, nex

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