What do I have to do to get this little function class to build in VS.Net ??<BR><BR>[code language="VB.NET"]<BR>Public Class Functions<BR> Public Shared Function CheckLogin(ByVal CookieName As String, ByVal CookiePwd As Integer, ByVal RedirIfNot As String) As User<BR> If Not Application("AutoEffUser") Is Nothing Then<BR> Application.Lock()<BR> Dim Users As ArrayList = Application("AutoEffUser")<BR> Users.TrimToSize()<BR> Dim i As Integer, User As User, TempUser As User<BR> For i = 0 To Users.Count<BR> TempUser = Users(i)<BR> If DateDiff("n", TempUser.Time, DateTime.Now) &#062; 20 Then<BR> Users.RemoveAt(i)<BR> ElseIf TempUser.Name = CookieName And TempUser.Pwd = CookiePwd Then<BR> User = TempUser<BR> End If<BR> Next<BR> Users.TrimToSize()<BR> Application("AutoEffUser") = Users<BR> Application.UnLock()<BR> If User Is Nothing Then<BR> Response.redirect(RedirIfNot)<BR> Else<BR> Return User<BR> End If<BR> Else<BR> End If<BR> End Function<BR>End Class<BR>[/code]<BR><BR>thanks..