Hi all, I am not sure if this is possible or not, but there are things I want to accomplish in my Global.asa file.<BR><BR>We have a few Application("Variables") and we want to load them from the server instead of having them hardcoded as they are now. To retrieve data from the server elsewhere, we use the following:<BR>&#039; Registered exe used for OLE.<BR>Set objApp = CreateObject("ObRunOLE510RC.App") <BR><BR>&#039; Method used to create wrapper for function call<BR>&#039; FileName is path&function, Impl name is function<BR>Set objFnc = objApp.Function(PlexFileName, PlexImplName)<BR><BR>&#039; Now, make the call<BR>objFnc.Call InParms, OutParms<BR><BR>All this works from standard ASP pages, via a DLL me made with VB. The VB project references Type Library file ob510rc.TLB.<BR><BR>As far as it gets is the first instruction (the createobject). The second line returns a VBScript type mismatch on the .Function method.<BR><BR>In the global.asa file, I tried declaring a metadata Typelib assignment. I know this worked ok because when I misspelled the name I got the proper error and it went away when I corrected the name. Still didn&#039;t help.<BR><BR>My question is what do I need to do to make this work from the Global.ASA file? Or is there another workaround I can use? The only way I can figure is to retrieve the data when a user logs in, and if the Application variables are empty, fill them with the returned value, but that seems so lame.<BR><BR>The other thing I want to do is to call a server function to clear out the temporary records created during a session. Unfortunately, again that requires using the OLE code I included above.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time,<BR><BR>Kai