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    I have a DataGrid which displays the counts of different media types associated with students (example shown below) from a access database.<BR><BR><BR>StuName----count1------count2-----count3<BR><BR>StuA-----------8------------7-----------5<BR>StuB-----------7------------6-----------4 <BR><BR><BR><BR>I need to change the color to RED if any of the counts are more than 6. For example<BR><BR>StuA 8 7 should be in RED.<BR><BR><BR>How can I achieve this?<BR><BR><BR>Many Thanks in advance.<BR>

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    you would do this in the DataGridItemEventArgs ("OnItemCreated" or "OnItemDataBound" in the &#060;asp:DataGrid&#062; tag)<BR><BR>thats the jist of it, except without seeing some code, it could depend on how you get the value to decide to color red or not

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