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    Hi there! I am having a problem with a list box. I have a list box which is filled with news headlines from a database. I have an Edit Button which, when pushed, is supposed to go to another web page with the selected headline from the list box in the URL. Unfortunately, when I click on edit I keep getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Here is my btnEdit code:<BR><BR> Sub btnEdit_Click(Sender as Object, E as EventArgs)<BR> Response.Redirect("AdminNewsEdit.aspx?headline=" & lbNews.SelectedItem.Text)<BR> End Sub<BR><BR>Seems like that should be simple enough to work! I have verified that my listbox is indeed named lbNews. Any suggestions?<BR>

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    &#062; Any suggestions?<BR><BR>yeah. post ASP.NET questions in the ASP.NET forum.<BR><BR>and :<BR><BR><BR>Response.Redirect("AdminNewsEdit.aspx ?headline=" & lbNews.SelectedValue)<BR><BR><BR>that&#039;s IIRC, of course. check the docs.

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