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    Paulo Silva Guest

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    I have this problem with ASP/ADO.<BR><BR>If I call any asp page that gets its data from a database (SQL Server or MSACCESS) the server starts swapping and after 4 or 5 seconds delivers the page.<BR><BR>This happens even if i access the page from a browers in the server machine.<BR><BR>I&#039m running NT4 SP6a, Sql 6.5, IIS4, MDAC 2.5RTM and IE4 SP2<BR>The box it&#039s a Double PII, 256MB RAM and with 512MB of Swap File.<BR><BR>Can anyone give me a help?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Paulo Silva<BR>UCI, CESAE<BR>Porto, Portugal<BR>

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    Ugh!! Guest

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    How much free physical RAM do you have? The thrashing is probably relating to NT using it&#039s swap file and paging memory in and out. One place you could look is your memory utilisation in SQL Server. SQL Server v7 grabs most of the available physical memory to use for caching data/sps and query plans. If IIS needs more memory to process your page request it could end up being forced to get it off the swap file.<BR><BR>You could use Perfmon to find out exactly what&#039s happening. You might need to reduce &#039max server memory&#039 used by SQL <BR><BR>Ugh!!

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    Paulo Silva Guest

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    I have about 100 MB free.

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