I&#039;m using this function for a simple shopping cart. Every time I add a new product I have to manually another Case statement within my select-case<BR>statement. How would I go about populating this array from a database rather than keep manually adding items? Thanks.<BR><BR>&#039; We implemented this this way so if you attach it to a database you&#039;d only need one call per item<BR>Function GetItemParameters(iItemID)<BR>Dim aParameters &#039; Will contain 3 string values : image path, description, price<BR> &#039; However we need to keep price so it can be converted to a<BR> &#039; single for computation hence no currency symbol. This array<BR> &#039; can also be expanded to contain any other information about the<BR> &#039; product that you might want to pull from the DB.<BR> Select Case iItemID<BR> Case 1<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_shirt.gif", "ASP 101 T-Shirt", "15.00")<BR> Case 2<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_kite.gif", "ASP 101 Kite", "17.50")<BR> Case 3<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_watch.gif", "ASP 101 Watch", "35.00")<BR> Case 4 &#039; Not in use because we couldn&#039;t draw a pen in a few seconds!<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_pen.gif", "ASP 101 Pen", "5.00")<BR> End Select<BR>&#039; Return array containing product info.<BR>GetItemParameters = aParameters<BR>End Function