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    INSERT INTO news_new (DateID, cur_date, text) VALUES (45, cur_date=#11/11/11#, text=&#039 11/11/11&#039)<BR><BR>DateID - Number<BR>cur_date - Date/Time<BR>text - Memo<BR><BR>The above statement give the fallowing error when Iam trying<BR>to insert Access data base. How can I avoid this?<BR>Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.

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    Try this Micheal<BR><BR>strSQL="INSERT INTO News_new (DateID, cur_date, text) VALUES(&#039" & DateID & "&#039,&#039" & cur_date & "&#039,&#039" & text & "&#039)"<BR><BR>Cn.execute strSQL<BR><BR>The values for these fields you must get from the form.<BR><BR>DateID = reguest.querystring("the fieldname in the form")<BR>Cur_date = reguest.querystring("the fieldname in the form")<BR>Text = reguest.querystring("the fieldname in the form")<BR><BR>Providing that the info in the form must be action="get". If it is mathod="post" then you must change the request.querystring to request.form<BR><BR>Hope this works.<BR>

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