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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have 2 secure folders, say &#039;user&#039; and &#039;admin&#039;. I specify two web.config files within the folders with the autorization tag containing -- &#060;deny users="?"&#062; --. The problem is they have two different login pages. How can I redirect them to their corresponding login pages using the &#060;authentication&#062; tag??

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    When ASP.NET sends an unathorized user to the login page, it includes the Request.QueryString parameter named "ReturnURL"<BR><BR>you could just check that for which folder ("/user/" or "/admin/") and decide on which login to show them<BR><BR>you may someday want to look at Role Based security (as shown on this page:, that way you can code all this stuff at one single point of entry... that&#039;s just my 2 cents :)<BR><BR>good luck

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