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    I am using VSS to check in my projects. Every time I open a certain aspx file VSS says that the file has changed and needs to be checked out. After toying with it a bit I could see that it was moving the User Control tags at the top of the html from above the @ Page directive to below it.<BR><BR>I literally moved the register directives from above the @ page to below it and saved it. I opened it and they moved back to the top. So I saved it again and then reopened the file and they moved back to the bottom.<BR><BR>This doesn&#039;t happen on all pages so far it&#039;s only happened on two and I can&#039;t figure out what the correlation is.<BR><BR>Please help :)<BR>

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    Are you opening it up in the designer or html view? I had the same problem and it was because every time you open a file in the designer it tries to format your code. By default Visual Studio is configured, so if you double click on an aspx file it open&#039;s in design view. If you go to Tools&#062; Options&#062; HTML/XML&#062; Format&#062; and make sure that Apply Automatic Formatting has both check boxes unchecked. Then go to HTML Designer&#062; General&#062; and make sure all of the radio buttons that say html view are checked then it should fix your problem.

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