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    Jim Allen Guest

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    OK So I&#039m the SOOOO Stupid one who can&#039t even make this stuff work from the beginners FAQ. How do you look at an ASP Page on a PC. I have VI 6.0, Front Page, and have NT Option Pack 4.0 with the personal Web Server running. When I try to View your sort_search.asp in my browser, nothing happens. I don&#039t have any problems viewing it from your site. I don&#039t see any error messages or anything ... any ideas???

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    You have to put it in a directory in your wwwroot dir. Usually c:InetPubwwwroot. And then make sure that directory has execute permissions.<BR><BR>Say you put an asp file in c:InetPubwwwrootmypage.asp<BR><BR>Then you have to view it through the web server, you can&#039t just point the browser to an asp file on your hard drive. You would open your browser and type:<BR><BR>http://localhost/mypage.asp<BR><BR>Hope I helped<BR><BR>Nathan

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