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    R. K. Mafura Guest

    Default ASP courses in The Netherlands

    Dear Madam/Sir,<BR><BR>My question is not a technical one, I&#039m looking for companies that provide ASP courses, here in The Netherlands. A course that will introduce me to the ins & outs of ASP and all of its possibilities, followed by more in depth courses.<BR><BR>I would very much appreciate it if you could provide me with any kind of information, addresses, names or tips.<BR><BR><BR>Yours sincerely,<BR><BR>R. K. Mafura<BR>Pecoma Infamatica<BR>Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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    karun Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>are u interested in learning asp online? let me know<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>karun<BR>

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