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    My company is currently developing a dating community web site. We are looking for a quality system that we can integrate into this site that includes i/m, chat rooms, voice, and video communication. We are looking to accommodate 500-5,000 users for the time being, although these numbers will increase with the success of our site. <BR><BR>Does any one know of such software for this type of integration? Or is there any type of system that we could feed off to run these services on our site? <BR><BR>If not, are there any companies that would specialize in software development for such services? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance, <BR>Tyson

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    There are many software available for these things. Browse the net, Search in Google. You will have variety of them. Look into their features and select some the best which might suit your requirement and proceed with that. Many sites give a free download for evaluation purpose also. You can try them before purchasing.<BR><BR>There are also many companies who provide such services. Again search in Google.

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