SQL command to extract month info?

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Thread: SQL command to extract month info?

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    Bill J. Guest

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    One of my data tables is several hundred records large, and continually growing. I&#039m building an archive to break them down and display them a month at a time. <BR><BR>Problem is, the only way I currently know of to do that would be to cycle through every record individually, and test its month information via DatePart() to determine whether it should be displayed on the current page.<BR><BR>This method is obviously horribly inefficient. Is there any simple way (a modified SELECT WHERE statement, perhaps?) for me to select only records from a given month when I initially open the recordset?

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    Ugh!! Guest

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    You can use DatePart as part of the WHERE clause in your SELECT statement:<BR><BR>SELECT &#060;columns&#062;<BR>FROM &#060;table&#062;<BR>WHERE DATEPART(m,&#060;yourdate&#062;) = @MonthYouWant<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Ugh!!<BR>http://www.cutajar.net/owen

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