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    Hi all<BR><BR>I have a ASP application that shows sales figures. We want to show it to the users, but they should not be able to HIGHLIGHT the text and COPY it (Edit - Copy) or PRINT it. Can we disable these buttons?<BR><BR>Can this be done? If YES, how to do it? Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Kindly send your replies to prabhakar.narayanan@clsasia.com<BR><BR>Best Regards<BR><BR>N.Prabhakar<BR>

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    Yes...With a javascript event. In the box you want to disable you need to put OnMouseclick="return false;"<BR><BR>It might not be OnMouseclick, but it will be something like that. You could also do OnFocus="document.form.focus()" (give the focus to something else)and then they couldn&#039t even click into the box.

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