i got access database and i need an ASP script to

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Thread: i got access database and i need an ASP script to

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    Default i got access database and i need an ASP script to

    hi, <BR>i got an access database like this:<BR><BR><BR>F1 F2 F3 F4 F5<BR>2050610 English <BR>100480 3 pass Math1 73<BR>111100 3 pass Arts1 64<BR>221700 3 pass Music1 66<BR>330102 3 pass English1 76<BR><BR>F1-F5 colmns 1-5<BR>then you have student ID under F1 and his major under F3<BR>and on line3 you got course# , under F2 you got how many credits, under F3 pass or failing, under F4 couse title and under F5 his score from 100<BR><BR>is this a legit database? it&#039;s not corrupt?<BR>can someone write a small asp script to allow it to search the database and give the results once the student enter his id in the search form?<BR>and if possible give his average<BR><BR>thanks

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    We don&#039;t write code for people here. This is an asp help site. You write code, you get stuck we help you. Find yourself a tutorial on ASP and start writing come code. Searching google for "search access database asp" would probably be a good place to start. you might also try the ASPFAQ link on the top of this page. Should be tons of tutorials on connecting to an access database.

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    Default Why it's not legit...

    &nbsp;<BR>First of all, if you really had a table with fields named "F1", "F2", etc., I&#039;d flunk you or fire you, as appropriate. Use meaningful field names.<BR><BR>Second of all, *EVERY RECORD* in a table MUST have ALL FIELDS assign. They *can* be assigned NULL values, but they must be assigned.<BR><BR>So your record<BR> 2050610 English <BR>should, at a minimum, be<BR> 2050610 [null] English [null] [null]<BR><BR><BR>Third of all, you seem to be assuming that somehow a database will keep your data in memory (or on disk) in the same order that you entered it. Nope. Nothing could be further from the truth. <BR><BR>You might have entered the data in the order<BR> 2050610 [null] English [null] [null]<BR> 100480 3 pass Math1 73<BR> 111100 3 pass Arts1 64<BR> 221700 3 pass Music1 66<BR> 330102 3 pass English1 76<BR>But the database could well have chosen to store the data in the order<BR> 330102 3 pass English1 76<BR> 221700 3 pass Music1 66<BR> 2050610 [null] English [null] [null]<BR> 111100 3 pass Arts1 64<BR> 100480 3 pass Math1 73<BR>Or it could scramble other students into the mix. Or or or.<BR><BR>So even if you searched for the record where F1 = 2050610, you have *NO GUARANTEE AT ALL* that the following records apply to that student.<BR><BR>***************<BR><BR>In short, throw out your design and start all over.<BR><BR>Hint: You should have AT LEAST three separate tables in this database.<BR><BR>Hint: Learn about PRIMARY KEYS and FOREIGN KEYS.<BR><BR><BR>

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