Ok, I want to view an access report in the browser using ASP.NET. I found some vb.net code that i thought would work in asp.net but it didn&#039;t, there is what i found, if anyone knows how to make this work in asp.net or has any other ideas please let me know.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Santana<BR><BR>Dim appAccess as new Access.Application<BR><BR>appAccess.OpenCurrentDat abase "Q:ooks.mdb"<BR><BR>&#039;The following line views the report<BR>appAccess.Visible = True<BR>appAccess.RunCommand acCmdAppMaximize<BR>appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "rpt_1", acViewPreview<BR><BR>&#039;The following line prints the report<BR>&#039;appAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "ReportName, acViewNormal<BR><BR>appAccess.CloseCurrentDatabase <BR>appAccess.Quit<BR><BR>appAccess = Nothing<BR>