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    ... I had to let people know about this brilliant post :<BR><BR>http://www.readthe****

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    Brilliant.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, it applies to all web technologies, not just ASP.NET. It&#039;s a common theory that just because it&#039;s easy to get started, that it should be easy (read: perfectly acceptable for non-technical people) to do everything, including writing complex code. And then when they hit a brick wall, they just *****.<BR><BR>It&#039;s like, as that poster says, fixing your car. I can top up the oil and water, and I can change a tyre. I can do the easy things, but I know my limits. I wouldn&#039;t try and change the clutch. I know that if I wanted to change the clutch, I could pay someone to do it for me, or I could learn how to do it. But I don&#039;t have enough time (and am too lazy) to learn, so I pay someone.<BR>The same should apply to coding, regardless of language and technology. If it&#039;s "urgent!", or you don&#039;t understand and don&#039;t want to learn, you should accept that you&#039;ve got to bite the bullet and pay someone. I&#039;m not saying that people shouldn&#039;t learn, I&#039;m just saying that people shouldn&#039;t expect to run before they can walk. And some people have trouble crawling.<BR><BR>Craig.

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