Hi,<BR> I have an aspx search page with lots of input boxes. The requirement is to let users save the search criteria and let them re-use later. For ex: if there are 10 input boxes, user could enter certain values in to some of them, specify a name for the search criteria, and save the settings. Later when the user wants the reuse, he will select the required search criteria from a list box of available criteria&#039;s and click "use settings".<BR><BR> As a generic solution to this problem, I want to save the complete query string, when user requests save settings. When user requests to reuse the setting, I would like to do , say Server.Transfer, with previously saved query string. Can this be done such that the aspx page works as if the query string came in from the browser, so that all the controls are initialised properly with values from querystring?<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR>TIA,<BR>Chill