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    I want to open a new window and leaving it open for say... 30 seconds while the original parent window calls back to the server for some background information processing. When all that processing is complete on the parent window... I then would like the child window to close. Any suggestions.<BR><BR>the following did not work:<BR>the_window ="processing.htm","the_window","width=3 00 height=300");<BR><BR>the_window.close();<BR>

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    Default Okay, I give up...

    ...what does that question have to do with the subject you used ("frames")???<BR><BR>Anyway, that code worked fine for me:<BR><BR>***** demo.html *****<BR>&#060;SCRIPT&#062;<BR>the_window ="processing.htm","the_window","width=3 00 height=300");<BR>setTimeout( "the_window.close()", 3000 )<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR>tick tock<BR>*********************<BR><BR>I used 3 seconds instead of 30, but same idea.<BR><BR>Now, WHY didn&#039;t it work for you???<BR><BR>Possibly because you opened the window in page1 and tried to close it in page2? And in page2 your variable "the_window" is no longer what it was in page1?<BR><BR>Pure guesses. Might help if you describe the problem more?<BR><BR>

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