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    Hi All<BR><BR>Please don&#039t laugh but I have spent 3 days trying to work out how once I have written my ASP, how I upload it to the server, I&#039ve visited so many pages now and am completely lost and am about to give in.<BR><BR>With HTML, all I do is upload it via Cute FTP, is it as simple as that.<BR><BR>Could someone PLEASE help me explaining it as simply as possible.<BR><BR>I recently downloads Microsofts Personal Web Server as advised but that doesn&#039t seem to help me at all.<BR><BR>I look forward to receiving your help.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Mark (UK)

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    What happens when you upload it? Does it not run or it&#039s just not uplaoding or what?<BR><BR>I use WS_FTP...some people have better luck with BulletProof...but it shouldn&#039t make that big of a difference...<BR><BR>

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