TRYING to update via rs.update... HELP!

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Thread: TRYING to update via rs.update... HELP!

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    George K Guest

    Default TRYING to update via rs.update... HELP!

    Hi.<BR><BR>Ive been trying to succesfully edit an existing record within an Access DB.<BR><BR>However when stating the cursor, locktype, i get a message saying :<BR><BR>The application is using arguments that are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another. <BR><BR>if i drop my locktype, and just stick with adOpenDynamic the line passes but the rs("field") = "new_data" fails. stating that it is not a valid command and or not supported.<BR><BR>***? :)<BR><BR>Im banging my head against the wall, trying to do such a simple procedure.<BR><BR>I checked the recordset, it works, ive checked the incoming "new" variable that is to replace the older data stored on the DB, that checks out as well.. I just cant get it to update the field.<BR><BR>:)<BR><BR>anyhelp would be wonderful!<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>George K

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    George I don&#039t know your way but here is how I update a field in a Acess database.<BR><BR>Firts get the new info from the form.<BR>In this case the field is called title.<BR>The field in the database is also called title.<BR>You must also get the id from the form to know which record to update.<BR><BR>sqlone="UPDATE thetablename SET title ="&chr(39)&title&chr(39)&_<BR> " WHERE id ="&Request.Form("id") <BR>cn.Execute(sqlone)<BR><BR>This works fine for me in all my asp pages where I need to update or edit current data.<BR><BR>If still unsure mail me at

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    vaishali Guest

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    It seems you are using following method to open recordset:<BR> sql,conn,adopenstatic,adlockoptimistic<BR><BR>here when you say cursortype "adopenstatic" you must define for the system what is "adopenstatic" (i.e value of that parameter). what system needs is just a numeric value.Use following :<BR> sql,conn,3,3<BR>it should work.

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