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    My users register themselves with an email address and information is sent out to them.<BR>Some times the email is wrong or the account is not valid (overfilled or old or something). Then I want to notify my user when they return to our web site to see what has went wrong. Here I want to make a notification to the user that the email was wrong and then make a second attemt to register a new email and send the email again.<BR>I&#039;m interested in the communication from the POP-server to the ASP.NET page and how this can be done. I now has this functionality but I can&#039;t find out how they have done it..

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    so OK. the user tries to register, bit their email bounces.<BR><BR>HOW do you propose to contact them or otherwise identify them? yeah, OK, you COULD write a process that checks a POP mailbox for bounced messages, and then write a message to the site, but, well, why don&#039;t you step back for a second. If someone is dumb enough to mis-spell their own email address, do they deserve to be mollycoddled? if their server is down, fair enough, they&#039;ll figure it out.<BR><BR>I guess my point is this : in my experience, the guys that screw up registration generally don&#039;t have the intelligence to recover from their own screw-up. forget them.

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