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    I need some help creating a messageboard. I&#039m new to ASP, but I&#039m not new to web development or programming. If you can give me any help, or know of a site that has tutorals/examples please help me.<BR><BR> --

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    Try the following article on 4Guys<BR><BR><BR><BR>I know had something regarding a messageboard a while back too, you may want to check over there as well.

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    I can&#039t help you with code but you can visit my web site where you will find the best ASP build Message board you can find on the net. No download needed, Netscape 3.0 and I.E. 3.0 and up compatible.<BR><BR>You can integrate this message board in your own web site..<BR><BR>visit then select &#039Discussion group&#039 from the menu

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