I Need ur Help ..... Kindly help ....<BR><BR>We have a Requirement which needs to be done preferably using Microsoft Technology.<BR><BR><BR>We want an utility which should run on Exchange Server. Do not want Client based tool.<BR>I want to know how we can achieve this using Exchange server API / C# or VB.Net<BR><BR><BR>We are using Exchange 2003 as a Mail Server and the Requirement is to intercept all the<BR>Incoming and outgoing Messages and on various conditions store Info. of Mail like From and To Mail IDs etc into SQL Server Database.<BR><BR>Let me explain the scenario. We have lots of customers and Every customer has one of our Sales Executive interacting with him. i.e. One of our Employee Sales Exec. is assigned to every customer. So we have to log Details of every e-mail communication between customer and Sales Exec.<BR><BR>Lets Assume customer&#039;s mail ID is Customer@ABCD.Com and Sales Exec Assigned to him is<BR>SalesExec@Hotmail.com. In some odd scenario of some other Sales Exec (e.g. SalesExec2222@Hotmail.com) sends a mail to this customer then the utility (which we have to build) running on EXCHANGE Server should intercept this msg and insert a record in SQL Server DB or send a notification to SalesExec@Hotmail.com that some other Sales Exec has sent some Mail to a customer.<BR><BR>Rgds<BR><BR>Prashant