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    Hello, I need some help in figuring out how to send urls in email from an .aspx form. I have a .NET framework with SQL database and VB as the language. I have a web form (.aspx) that has a few fields that users need to fill out and submit. On submit, I trigger an email to the site administrator&#039;s email address via an SMTP server. <BR><BR>What I need to know is how to code a URL path to the record that is being generated as the user is submitting the form (as it is getting saved in the SQL database) in the body of the email, so that when the site administrator gets an email, the email message looks something like this.... <BR><BR>A record has been generated, click below to get details -<BR>http://SERVERPATH/DIRECTORY/USERRECORD.aspx <BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Default What do you have so far?

    Please don&#039;t dump your entire code, just the relevent parts.

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