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    I have an external application which prompts users for information such as MachineName. I have the abillity to execute other programs from this application. What I would like to do is take that MachineName field (variable name is SRVNAME) and pass it into a URL that automatically does a submit to my access db, thus entering that machine name into my records.<BR><BR>So far I created a submit asp page. It works if I type in the values and click on the Send button. If I just type in the URL like http://mywebserver/asp/scripts/sendfile.asp?SRVNAME="PH34RM3"&SEND="SEND" it only opens up sendfile.asp unpopulated as if I opened it normally.

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    Default How do you reference these values?

    if you use request.form it will look for form variables specifically.<BR><BR>Use the generic request("") object to get your values.<BR><BR>That and you do not need to include quotation marks in your querystring.

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