how to import data using asp?

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Thread: how to import data using asp?

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    Good morning all,<BR><BR>usually we can import data from a sql server to Access by using DSN. I am wondering how to do this in a asp page? I mean when the user clicks a link, the import process will be initiated and the user will then input the server IP, database name, userID, and password like DSN setup... Or we can use other ways in asp to import the data? Thanks for your assistance!

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    You can do it... You just need to work out all the steps involved in copying a database (how do I get the table names? How do I get the field names? How do I work out the sizes? How do I create tables? How do I create indexes?) and script them.<BR><BR>It&#039;s not an easy task because of the possible iterations of data, but it&#039;s a fairly simple one in terms of the actual code/steps involved.<BR><BR>Craig.

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