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    I have developed an application in .NET. Client side is handled by JScript codes and Server side is handled by web services. I'm aware of the timeout attribute in web.config file and on the client side, I check within a specified period (setTimeOut) to see whether my session exists or not. I do not want to allow the client to process further if it is terminated. I do this well at some point (I throw an alert requesting from the client to re-logon) but when I open a modal window, this checker routine cannot warn my client anymore and naturally the client becomes unaware of this fact and has to face errors associated with session variables, etc. Is there any way to overcome this?

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    The only way is to use the window.setTimeout() method to cause a client-side function to execute when the timeout is about to occur.<BR><BR>Of course, it&#039;s a minefield (what if the user has two windows open? If they keep one window open and navigate in the other, you&#039;ll get messages when the session may be alive and well), but it&#039;s the best you have.<BR><BR>There&#039;s added complexity in the modal stuff as well.<BR><BR>Craig.

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