PWS and NT WS and SP5

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Thread: PWS and NT WS and SP5

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    Rio Guest

    Default PWS and NT WS and SP5

    I&#039m wanting to do some testing with ASP and wanted to install PWS on my NT workstation...but when I go to install I get a warning that PWS has not been testing with my SP level..which is 5. So I was wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with this setup...or know what MS is doing for PWS and SP5. <BR>Thanks Rio

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    Saravanan T S Guest

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    Hi Rio,<BR> I also faced the same problem when installing IIS in our server. Our server is in SP6 level. But ignore this message keep going. I never experienced any installation problem or after-installation problem bcos of this warning message.<BR><BR>Saravanan T S

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