Scenario:<BR>There are 2 servers.<BR> and<BR><BR>There are 2 users.<BR>domain1user1 and domain2user2<BR><BR>I need to provide Digest Authentication at both the servers. Both the servers are Windows 2003 Server. Users have a valid Windows user account stored in Active Directory® on the domain controller.<BR><BR>Problem:<BR><BR>In, only user1 is getting authenticated while in, only user2 is getting authenticated. I am checking this by trying to access an html file in a virtual directory at both the servers.<BR><BR>What should I do so that user2 also gets authenticated in and similarly user1 also gets authenticated in<BR><BR>What settings need to be enabled so that the above is possible?<BR><BR>Also allows both user1 and user2 to be added in its local group. But allows only user2 to be added in its local group<BR><BR>My Knowledge:<BR>The requirements as identified by Digest Authentication are:<BR><BR>The user and the server running IIS must be members of, or be trusted by, the same domain.<BR>An authenticating domain controller and the server that is running IIS must exist in a trusted environment.<BR><BR>How should I create this trusting relationship between 2 domains?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Anshuk Jain