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    If I have a procedure that I use in say 10 out of 20 pages on my site. Does it cause any harm to have it in the header, or is it better to just include it in those 10 pages.<BR><BR>And what about if it&#039;s only 2 out of 20 pages using it?<BR><BR>Just wondering about the best way to go about things.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Turnip

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    provided it&#039;s not absolutely huge I&#039;d just include it in all pages and only call it where needed. If you&#039;re only using something on 2 pages I&#039;d just include it on those two pages unless it&#039;s like a 5 line function, then just include it in your header. I guess what I&#039;m trying to say is it depends on the size. It also has to do with organization and grouping of your function. If those two pages have functions only they use they should be in a separate include and only called on those two pages. For example if you have 5 pages that use math functions & database functions and 100 pages that use just the database functions you&#039;d want those separated so you could only include the group of math functions where needed. I&#039;ve often ended up breaking things up after the fact so things are organized more logically. Just my two cents. I&#039;m sure others will have different opinions.

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