Here&#039;s the setup for my web app:<BR><BR>- SQL Server 2000<BR>- IIS 5.0<BR>- Backend (client data entry) done in asp3.0<BR>- Frontend done in using mostly xml files, with little direct db access (site search - this is the problem!)<BR><BR>-----<BR><BR>Example data: Çýraðan<BR><BR>Data is added in backend to sql server - field is varchar. Data added goes into the db like ÇıraÄŸan<BR><BR>In backend, meta encoding is set to utf-8. Data displays exactly as I&#039;d like, no problems updating, etc. Data also goes into xml files properly, also set to utf-8<BR><BR>Problem: Direct access calls from frontend returns data exactly as it sits in the db, such as ÇıraÄŸan<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried setting the responseEncoding to utf-8 in the document, and the web.config file, with no luck. <BR><BR>I tried entering Çýraðan directly into a nvarchar field and returning that, and that works ok in frontend. Unfortunately, I can&#039;t seem to get that to input correctly in the backend!!<BR><BR>So, keeping in mind that I only need direct db access in the frontend for the site search, I think my options are:<BR><BR>1. Find a way to encode/unencode the search results properly (this would be optimal)<BR>2. Create a master xml doc of the fields I need to search, and search that instead.<BR>3. Return list of xml files that match search, and pull out the fields on the search page (I&#039;m guessing this would be slow)<BR>4. Rebuild the backend portion of the app (not an option given a tight deadline).<BR><BR>Thanks for any help!