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    Im not sure if this is the right forum for this question but here goes anyway. <BR><BR>First, On My page i have two(2) ASP buttons and a text field. When i focused on the text field and press enter, i want the click event to fire for the second button! I have solved this problem, but if the usr enters in the wrong information s/he does not go to the next page. <BR> This is when things go very very wrong. All of server side VBscript stops working. Why does this happen??

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    I think you need to click the "ASPFAQs" button above, and read the tutroials in the "Nature of Things" category.<BR><BR>Particuarly the ones about calling server-side script from client-side events.<BR><BR>This is a basic premise of client-server architecture.<BR><BR>Craig.

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